Pokemon Go Hack To Play Pokemon Go Without Moving/Walking

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I am fat! I do not want to move my ass! So here is an interesting Hack for all of our lovely users after which you can Hack Pokemon Go without Rooting Or JailBreaking your device to enjoy Play of Pokemon Go Without Moving or Playing Pokemon go Without Walking!

Pokemon Go has been launched all over the world. People are coming out of houses and wandering around in the search of new Pokemon. Finding  a Pokemon on Pokemon Go is not so easy. I usually see people asking how to find Pokemon on Pokemon Go. But, it involves a lot of work. You need to get out of house and search everywhere. If your luck permits, you’ll probably find a good Pokemon. But, what if I want to play Pokemon without walking? What if I want to play Pokemon Go without moving? How to play Pokemon Go without leaving the house. All these questions struck my mind last night while I was dozing off.

Download Hacked Pokemon Go List, Pokemon Go No Walk Error

Download Hacked Pokemon Go List, Pokemon Go No Walk Error

The morning started with a determined search to find a solution of how to play Pokemon Go without moving or walking. Well, it isn’t quite logical. We know that Pokemon Go is a game highly involved with augmented reality. If you’ve played it, you should be knowing that the trainer will not move an inch till you get your butt out of your house. But does this mean that you can not play Pokemon Go without walking? No! We have worked hard to find a perfect solution to play Pokemon Go without moving or leaving the house.

Play Pokemon Go Without Moving

Well, just think! The game tracks the position of your smartphone through GPS. The location changes in the game as per your location in the real world. It’s definitely a play of numbers through satellite. There is a great fix for GPS signal not found in Pokemon Go which we have shared on our website. I won’t get much into the technical shit, but you should guess that all you need to do is give a false indication to the Pokemon Go game that you’re out of your house moving here and there. But, in reality you’re lying on your sofa with comfort and watching yourself play Pokemon go without walking.


Download No Walk Enabled Pokemon Go Apk:

Directly Download and Install latest hacked Pokemon Go App from here.

Proof of me playing the same on iPhone 6S plus :


To play Pokemon Go without leaving house, we need a Location Faker. This Location Faker will throw false location to GPS and the Pokemon Go will receive the false information that you’re moving around in the streets. Yes, everything can be controlled at your fingertips. The Location Faker will display a simple map around your surroundings. Simply tap to the location you want to move to. Irrespective of your actual location, your location in GPS will be changed to the point you’ve loved in Location Faker.

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——-> TRICK to Play Pokemon Go Without Walking !! <——–

Now, how to use Location fakes to play Pokemon Go without moving? We will explain everything step by step. You can even checkout a video we’ve put at the end of this post. Trust me you will enjoy this thing!

How to win at Pokemon Go without leaving your house!


There are a few ways you could do this, and since time travel isnt a thing yet, the best method is to change the location of your phone. We have found the best free app for both Android and iOS for this.

Follow this Video to Enable Walking Hack on Your Pokémon Go App on iPhone :


Android hack coming soon! Subscribe to Our Youtube Channel for the same and Like our page as well in order to stay updated!


Here is the page where you can find those apps on our site:

Link: APP Page

Once the game has started and you see the trainer standing, switch to the location faker. In the maps of location faker, simply move your position to a few meters away. Open the Pokemon Go back again. You will see that the trainer will run to the position you’ve changed in the location faker.

Playing Pokemon Go Without Moving In Android & iOS

You can use the a location faker app and move around in the city while siting at your home in Pokemon Go. However, this really kills the mood of the game and one might want to actually get out of the house. But, still if some day you feel to have some fun in your room by yourself, you can use this technique to play Pokemon Go without moving.

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Update : Play Pokemon Go without Walking On IOS device without TUTUApp

Their are apps available for both Android & iOS – people have been reporting varied results using these apps without jailbreaking or rooted but I was able to make it work on my Android & people have been saying it is possible via iOS too. Downloads for both of the apps are available below, test them out and let us know how they work for you in the comments section.

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    where’s the link for getting those fake location apps? I’ve tried few of some at appstore but my pokemon go says failed to detect location

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    Where’s the video?

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    Is this possible to do on a pic without OS X? On Windows?

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    Is it possible for someone to just host the app file online for people to download rather than going through these steps?

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      Well I was trying the same
      But i didn’t find any good means to do the same
      Hopefully will be trying it again for the pokémon fans 😍

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    Is there android version of it ?

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    What do I need to do to have it on android (Samsung Galaxy S5)?
    There is only a video for do it on iOS.

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    And video for Android ?

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    It worked for a while now even the pokestops don’t work I can’t even catch the pokemons what’s wrong? Can you please help out

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    Any hack for android.???

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