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Hey guys, I am sure you have already downloaded Pokemon Go on your smartphones and are hunting for the rare pokemons in pokemon go. Well, I have compiled a Pokemon Go Rare pokemon list which can help you out to figure the best ways to catch rare pokemon in Pokemon Go. We have already share a lot of tricks on how to get free pokecoins in Pokemon Go, get more stardust in Pokemon Go, so this Pokemon Go Rare Pokemon guide will surely tell you where to find rare pokemon in Pokemon Go and also learn how to catch rare pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Note : We Keep on Updating the List of Rare Pokémon Time to Time, so keep visiting

List of Best Rare Pokemon Collection , Easy Rare pokemon go hacks, Hack Pokemon Game, Download Pokemon game all world hacks, unlimited pokemon hacks

List of Best Rare Pokemon Collection , Easy Rare pokemon go hacks, Hack Pokemon Game, Download Pokemon game all world hacks, unlimited pokemon hacks

Rare Pokemons in Pokemon Go

Well, you should first of all learn how to catch your first Pokemon and from there you can go finding rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go. The most important thing to do is “walk”, travel and explore different geographic areas to find appropriate Pokémon and also find rare Pokemon. In a small town, expect to find a lot of normal and grass type Pokemons. You can find water Pokemons by going near water areas. While playing the game at night can fetch you Ghost type and nocturnal Pokemons.

This Pokemon Go Rare Pokemon guide will certainly help you in finding rare pokemon in pokemon go and we will also share a list of rare pokemons in Pokemon Go. You should know that it will be pretty tough to find rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go but yes we have some pretty cool tricks to answer the most important question ‘Where to find rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go ? ‘

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Pokemon Go Where To Find Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Well, we would like you to know that you can try a different things in order to find rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go. But it’s obvious that no one can guarantee where to find rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go at any particular place or everybody would fly or walk to that place and just start catching rare Pokemons in Pokemon Go. But we have found some solutions and some Pokemon Go rare pokemon locations which you can try out in order to try your luck and catch rare Pokemons in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go No Walk GPS Hack  :

  • One of the best ways to discover new different Pokemons is to keep walking
  • Just walk whereever you want to go, I found an Eevee, Pidgeotto and a Magmar yesterday while I was going to my tution classes
  • Make sure you go to the unvisited lanes and not just walk through the highly populated areas. There may be 4-5 ruotes to your destination, so choose the in-roads and walk through them as it increases your chances of finding rare pokemon in Pokemon Go
    • Use some common sense as well,  go to locations depending on the type of rare pokemon you want to find. Go to beaches in your town to find water type rare Pokemons and go to gardens or grassy areas to find the rare pokemons of that kind and so on
    • You can find a rare Pokemon Dratini near a pond very easily as a lot of my friends got them and I was surprised that I didn’t visit a water body yet
    • Place the lures in Pokemon Go when you are at PokeStops and that can help you to lure all nearby Pokemons in your area, chances are that one might the rare pokemon you are looking for 😉
    • Look for rusting leaves in the game, you might be thinking what do leaves mean in Pokemon Go and here we have an answer to that question, it is quite variable but yes, sometimes you can get rare pokemons in Pokemon Go in such areas very easily
    • ALWAYS keep looking at the ‘Nearby’ Pokemons in your area, as if it’s silent around there are many chances that a rare Pokemon might appear in Pokemon Go game around you and you can get very lucky. The footsteps beneath them indicate how far they are, 3 means they are around 300m, 2 means 200m and 1 footsteps means it is near 100m, so totally catchable!
    • Go on a drive on weekends at the calm areas in your town where it is very less populated, go to undiscovered places and you might find a rare pokemon in Pokemon Go (If you are facing Pokemon Go GPS signal not found problem, visit the link to check the solution)
    • Using Incense in Pokemon Go is a very interesting idea as it helps to attract all the Pokemons in your nearby areas to where you are sitting so you don’t have to move in order to play Pokemon Go or catch Pokemons as well, awesome right?

    We have come up with a great idea to help each other hunting rare Pokémon in Pokemon Go Game! We have started Forums that will help and bring a great interaction all over the World of Pokemon. What all can you do in this Forum : One can easily Share Locations of Rare Pokemon in your location, Help Out people who are struck in the game!

     Pokémon Go Forum :  www.pokemongogang.com (join now)

    How To Catch Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go

    It is quite easy to catch rare Pokemons as you have Pokeballs already and you just need to know the super basics of catching a rare Pokemon. So let’s read some tips!

    • Try to walk slowly in order to discover Rare pokemon in Pokemon Go
    • When you discover one, first thing to do would be to ‘Switch Off the AR Camera’ which you can find on the top right corner
    • Try to not do any kind of hand movement while throwing the Pokeball
    • Just make sure you have enough Battery in your phone before you go out to hunt rare or legendary pokemons

Mew Pokemon Go | MewTwo Pokemon Go

A lot of my friends are talking about if they have discovered Mew in Pokemon Go. Well, Mew is considered to be a very very Rare pokemon and to find it would be a great achievement. If someone manages to catch Mew or Mewtwo Pokemon Go, he can be a very strong contender for all other players around the world.


Though there is a very rare chance that someone can actually find Mew in Pokemon Go or catch MewTwo in Pokemon Go, one of my friends shared an image of finding Mew in Pokemon Go in the ‘Nearby’ Pokemons, SURPRISING right? Yes, check the below screenshot showing MewTwo Pokemon Go in the Nearby Pokemons list, though he was not able to find Mew Pokemon Go and wasn’t able to catch it.

Pokemon Go Rare Pokemon List

Below is the list of all types of Pokemon and where to find rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go as well. Check out the below list to have an idea of which are the rare Pokemons in Pokemon Go exactly.

    • Pokemons that can be found Everywhere
      • Rattata
      • Pidgey
      • Weedle
      • Venonat
      • Zubat
      • Caterpie
      • Doduo


  • Myths
    • Lapras
    • Snorlax
    • Kangaskhan
    • Chansey
    • Common Pokemons in Pokemon Go
      • Oddish
      • Paras
      • Gastly
      • Drowzee
      • Eevee
      • Magikarp
      • Meowth
      • Bellsprout
      • Ekans
      • Nidoran M/F
      • Polywag
      • Slowpoke
      • Goldeen
      • Krabby
      • Mankey
    • Uncommon Pokemons in Pokemon GO
      • Spearow
      • Growlith
      • Jigglypuff
      • Cleafairy
      • Psyduck
      • Seel
      • Abra
      • Geodude
      • Sandshrew
      • Vulpix
      • Diglett
      • Exeggcute
      • Tentacool
      • Shellder
      • Onix
    • List of Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go
      • Machamp
      • Ponyta
      • Weezing
      • Voltrob
      • Horsea
      • Staryu
      • Tangela
      • Cubone
      • Ryhorn
      • Grimmer
      • Magnemite
      • Scyther
      • Lickitung
    • Special Pokemons in Pokemon Go
      • Bulbasaur
      • Charmander
      • Squirtle
      • Pikachu
      • Omanyte
      • Kabuto
      • Aerodactyl
      • Hitmochan
      • Hitmonlee
    • Epic Pokemon in Pokemon GO
      • Dratini
      • Farfetch’d
      • Mr.Mine
      • Jynx
      • Magmar
      • Electabuzz
      • Porygon

Note that :

List may not be accurate as some may find these rare pokemon very soon! Depending upon location! Do let us know by commenting here and helping others in the forum 🙂 Forum : www.pokemongogang.com

13th Nov : Most Difficult Pokémon to Catch:

Here are the best Pokemon list that are very hard to be caught in Pokemon Go Game :

1) Kabutops

2) Aerodactyl

3) Snorlax

4) Articuno

5) Zapdos

6) Moltres

7) Ditto

8) Dragonair

9) Dragonite

10) Mewtwo

11) Mew

How To Catch Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go in Phillipines | Where To Catch Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go in Phillipines

Below are the most probable places where you can find the rare Pokemons in Phillipines and easily go to catch them. We have listed down the rare Pokemon name and the rare pokemon location in Phillipines. Hope you will find your favorite Rare pokemons on different locations listed down!!

Zapdos – Meralco main office
Moltres – Mayon Volcano
Articuno – Baguio
Ekans – Talahib
Arbok – Talahib
Machop – Fitness First
Machoke – Fitness First
Machamp – Gold’s Gym
Goldeen – Manila Ocean Park
Seaking – Manila Ocean Park
Staryu – Puerto Galera
Starmie – Boracay
Krabby – EDSA Shangrila
Kingler – Makati Shangrila
Pikachu – Megamall
Voltorb – MOA
Electrode – MOA
Drowzee – Manila Zoo
Hypno – Quiapo Church
Mr. Mime – Peryahan
Meowth – Cartimar
Persian – Cartimar
Tauros – FEU Morayta
Bulbasaur – Farmers Market Cubao
Oddish – Farmers Market Cubao
Bellsprout – Farmers Market Cubao
Tangela – Balintawak Market
Lapras – Subic
Porygon – Cyberzone SM
Snorlax – Mang Inasal
Jynx – Enchanted Kingdom
Pidgey – Novaliches area
Pidgeotto – Novaliches area
Spearow – Manila area
Farfetch’D – Las Piñas area
Gastly – Manila North Cemetery
Haunter – Manila North Cemetery
Gengar – Libingan ng mga Bayani
Omanyte – Manila Museum
Kabuto – Manila Museum
Nidorino – Any all boys school
Nidorina – Any all girls school
Tentacool – West Philippine Sea
Tentacruel – West Philippine Sea
Magikarp – Pasig River
Zubat – Puerto Princesa Palawan

Well, did you find a rare pokemon yet? Share your stories with us! 😀


We hope you enjoyed the Pokemon Go Rare Pokemon list and our guide was really helpful to you in order to find rare pokemons in pokemons Go. Since now you know how to catch rare Pokemons in pokemon go, you can easily wander and try your luck , cheers all!

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  1. yung fiji says:

    “Yes, check the below screenshot showing MewTwo Pokemon Go in the Nearby Pokemons list, though he was not able to find Mew Pokemon Go and wasn’t able to catch it.”

    Where are the screen shots????

  2. Kristen says:

    Spearow uncommon?? Really? They’re all over central pa, ughhh

  3. Aoife says:

    What about the Tauros?

  4. Julia Bettis says:

    I don’t see Ghastly on this list! I caught one last night!

  5. Sixft7inGiant says:

    I’ve also seen a seaking and captured a wartortle. So there’s a lot more Pokemon out there to catch.

  6. Mikki says:

    What about a gloom in Pokemon go?

  7. Dan says:

    I was able to catch a Dragonite yesterday.

  8. Nader says:

    I found a kabutops cp 330 near sea in egypr

  9. Josh Witt says:

    Found an Electabuzz

  10. kimber says:

    Snorlax is not a myth, he is at the top of the leaderboard at a nearby gym.

  11. Blazefireflame says:

    I got a porygon today at a shop where people never usually go to 😀

  12. fee says:

    I found a electabuzz in my bedroom hahahahha

  13. Nikki says:

    Umm Snorlax is not a myth I’ve caught 2

  14. Isaiah says:

    I’ve caught a Kabuto

  15. Zachary says:

    I found a snorlax in my front yard on day 2 of my adventure.

  16. TABITHA NEVERS says:

    I caught Alakazam… Is he rare, he’s not on your list.

  17. Kv says:

    Yup caught a dratini…. I work on an island

  18. Silenthope7 says:

    jynx is pretty common in New Brunswick, NJ found a lot of them walking around.

  19. Dendarien says:

    This list, as well as every single other list I’ve seen, is totally inaccurate. The rarity of each and every pokémon that can be caught (all but Articuno, Zapdos,Moltres, Mewtwo, Mew, and Ditto) is mostly based on location and your trainer level. Between weather changes, day/night cycle, and geographic changes, once your level is high enough you can pretty much catch ’em all. I was told Jynx was rare, but in my area you can encounter and catch them on a fairly regular basis. But Doduo is nowhere to be found by me. Quite a few gyms in this area have Snorlax defending, but a friend in another area has been battling Dragonairs and Dragonites at his local gyms. It took me forever to find and capture Abra, but at a seminar this weekend a colleague was compairing stats and attack skills amongst all the Abras he collected. The distance to change the assortment of pokémon to that of another region was less than 10 miles. Sorry for WOT, just had to put it out there. Happy hunting!

    • Pokemon Go says:

      Hey Dendarien! That’s a good share! Keep on updating to help each one out! 🙂 Soon we gonna start our own forum!

  20. Bethany says:

    The 2nd pokemon I found was a rare?? I got the cute fiery pony. I downloaded the app to see if there was a pokemon on the way to the mailbox (which is what 10 feet away from my apt). I found 5 on the way there and one of them was the cute pony (pontya??).

  21. Aaronazzac says:

    I have a Snorlax. He is no myth

  22. BMe13 says:

    I caught a Kadabra in Las Vegas and it’s not on this list.

  23. Nyanpug says:

    Is Snivy the grass snake pokemon in the game

  24. VCAM says:

    Abra is common here… Caught 2 already…

  25. Ty Johnson says:

    I just caught a lapras in Ohio 🙂 so lucky

  26. Tamavean says:

    I have Snorlax.. Not a myth anymore!

  27. GypsyFaith says:

    Unless I’m mistaken, I didn’t see Laminated on your list? I’m very new to Pokemon in general yet I LOVE Pokemon Go!
    I used an incense while hanging out at home and caught Spearow, Seaking and Kakuna. I live in Seattle😂

    • Pokemon Go says:

      Well, that is great that you have a lot of interest for the same! We would like to have you to help all of the Pokémon World and thereby write more tutorials here! Do let me know if you are interested!

  28. GypsyFaith says:

    Correction to previous post, Laminated should read *Kakuna*! Darn auto fill!

  29. BHorseshoes says:

    Kabutops in Appleton, WI on July 12th. It as my BDay, so I assume that is the reason I caught him!

  30. Jay says:

    How rare is the Aerodactyl? I got one on my front porch

  31. Ernie says:

    I got a ninetails 🙂 in Albuquerque NM

  32. How rare is Persian I got one on my back patio

  33. Gwen says:

    What about the Pinsir? I don’t see it on the list.

  34. Thetrainer says:

    I got a magmar last night walking back from the bar, Pretty good find I guess ? Lol

  35. Bas says:

    Dratini was one of the first i caught. Electabuzz i found today. Seen and caught four bulbasaur so far. It is all about location. Some pokémon are rare in one place and common in an other place. Many drowzees here, and some people with high level in other places never seen a drowzee. Pinsir is rare here, but very common in other places. Greetz from the Netherlands

  36. Brianna says:

    Meowth are literally rare. I never see them anywhere. Also, Spearow? Uncommon? Please. I get millions of Spearow before I catch a WEEDLE. That’s truly saying something. This whole list is completely inaccurate!

  37. xxJeslynnnxx says:

    I’ve caught a Magmar on Day 1, but I can’t find it on this list.

  38. AL says:

    Found lots of pokemon in La Union. Most of them are water type. I also found Magnamite and Kabuto there. 🙂

  39. Rai says:

    Found Dratini a while ago. Thought it was just a usual pokemon?

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